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Piyestra EX/Chair – High Back ECH 001R

Rs.11,990.00 Rs.10,300.00
Size: 56cm x 62cm x 112cm(lowest)/123cm(Highest)

Piyestra EX/Chair Low Back with Arm ECL 001

Rs.9,450.00 Rs.8,195.00
Size: 51cm x 57cm x 94cm(lowest)/105cm(Highest)

Piyestra EX/Deluxe Chair High Back – EDH 001

Rs.14,990.00 Rs.14,060.00
Size: 56cm x 66cm x 116cm (lowest) / 127cm (Highest)

Piyestra EX/Premium Chair High Back – ECH 002

Rs.13,990.00 Rs.12,200.00
Size: 55cm x 66cm x 117cm (lowest) / 128cm (Highest)

Piyestra EX/Premium Visitor Chair ECV 001

Rs.11,990.00 Rs.10,450.00
Size: 48cm x 64cm x 99cm 

Piyestra Lecture Hall Chair

Rs.6,250.00 Rs.5,390.00
Size: 45cm x 56cm x 86cm

Piyestra Typist Chair with Arm PTC 001

Rs.6,990.00 Rs.6,100.00
Size: 51cm x 58cm x 82cm(lowest)/9cm(Highest)

Piyestra Typist Chair with Arm(High Back) PTH 001

Rs.7,990.00 Rs.6,500.00
Size: 51cm x 61cm x 92cm(lowest)/104cm(Highest)

Piyestra Visitor Chair

Rs.8,350.00 Rs.7,500.00
Size: 47cm x 57cm x 92cm