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Piyestra High Back Chair – ECH 002

Rs 26,200.00
Size : 55cm x 66cm x 117cm (lowest) / 128cm (Highest)

Piyestra High Back Chair – ECH 005

Rs 19,520.00
Dimensions 55cm x 59cm x 110cm (Lowest) / 121cm (Highest)

Piyestra High Back Chair – ESH001

Rs 30,280.00
Dimensions 56cm x 65cm x 116cm (Lowest) / 127cm (Highest)

Piyestra High Back Executive Chair – ECH 001

Rs 22,340.00
Dimensions 55cm x 61cm x 111cm (Lowest) / 122cm (Highest)

Piyestra Low Back with Arm Chair – ECL 001

Rs 19,360.00
Size: 51cm x 57cm x 94cm(lowest)/105cm(Highest)

Piyestra Plastic Verandah Chair – PVAC009

Rs 2,800.00
Plastic Chairs in Sri Lanka have become a high trend and every households and company’s consist of plastic chairs. Piyestra